Benefits Of Employee Self-Service (ESS) For Both Employees And HR In Start-Ups And SMB’s.
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Benefits Of Employee Self-Service (ESS) For Both Employees And HR In Start-Ups And SMB’s.

Employee self-service (ESS) allows employees to do simple administrative tasks by themselves at their fingertips. Businesses with 10-50 employees want their HR services to be digital on desktop or mobile with self-service portals. HR can focus on main strategic planning tasks like employee performance and increasing the morale in the workplace. Using self-service systems improves productivity and allows HR departments to be relaxed with low burden of work. Employers these days prefer their company to be independent and self-sufficient. According to a survey, 73% of full-time US workers in the era of the latest technology prefer a high level of employee self-service from their employers, enabling them to finish HR-related tasks independently instantly. For example, you must have seen in most companies that HR provides ID cards to employees with a QR code which suggests that by scanning their IDs on a digital machine, their attendance is marked, enabling attendance management to be easier for the company. Similarly, there are numerous benefits of self-service systems (ESS):

  • Personal Information: Employees can update/edit their details without contacting HR admin, ensuring that the records are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Payroll Management: Employees can view/download their history of payslips, loans, incentives and more with just a click without the need of multiple traditional request process to their HR staff. Receipts and travel expense reimbursement claims can be requested by the employee from their mobile.
  • Managing paid-time-off: Employees can now send the request of their leave stating the reason without any paperwork involved. The ESS allows employees to relax and get their jobs done effectively.
  • More efficient: According to a Paychex survey, HR contributes to a company’s success, and it states that HR technology is critical for any company’s success. HR software’s makes the process easier and more efficient than ever.
  • Accessibility: The ESS systems can be accessed from anywhere, either remotely or in the office from any device.
  • Employee’s happiness: By using ESS portals, employees are satisfied and have a sense of self-independence and are not reliant on HR. Employees are more motivated and a sense of trust and belonging is developed towards their employers. Employees can view their work schedule and timelines without the need of reverting to the HR department.
  • Reduced costs, errors and time: With centralized ESS in one place, the need for printing papers is reduced as everything is automatic and saves time in the digital process. There can be errors in manual paperwork, which also takes much time in fixing these mistakes. Using ESS also reduces the extra costs of the company.
  • Increased security: Digitalized ESS are protected with high-level security algorithm, and the data is stored in encryption. Thus, the confidentiality of the company data is safe.

Self-service systems are essential in start-ups, and SMBs as these small new businesses cannot afford to lose employees and make mistakes on payroll or attendance management. For small start-ups, it is crucial to keep in check and track the attendance and payroll of its employees. In research by McKinsey, the HR department spends 60% of their time working on transactional and operational work, while it suggests that it can be reduced by 40%. Thus, ESS makes the work easy for HR as they always struggle to answer their employees and search for particular papers. It gets difficult for them to keep a check on leaves.

Some companies still use paperwork for leave requests, expense reimbursement claims , payslips , etc that take more time than required for a small task causing delays and making it hard for HR to track every employee’s request, which can be done simply by ESS each employee is responsible for themselves. Accessing online HR documents without sending requests makes it simple for employees to be more personalized and user-friendly. In conclusion, employee self-service inclusion in companies benefits the start-ups and SMBs to be digitalized and modern at an early stage of their business. ESS allows both HR and employees to be at ease as they can access anything at any time, making ESS user-friendly, leading to the company’s growth and success and bringing the organization to a whole new level in the digitalized world.

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